Saturday, March 5, 2011

New at Blogging

Doesn't everyone's first blog start out the same "NEW at Blogging" title? Well, some of my newest friends have been inspiring me lately. (I am so glad this has spell check)My husband has been pushing me to continue with my own creativity for a long time but the new people in my life have taken what he has been saying for years and really shined light onto it. The newcomers have been trying to figure out their lives. When we talk about their journey I have been reflecting on my own. What am I doing? Why am I making the choices I am making? The path to my career has been crazy. I never imagined I would be an academic counselor at one of the largest for profit university in the country. But here I am making great money but am I satisfied or afraid to live my dream. My whole life I have been creative. It's my gift. AM I WASTING IT? I need to make money but I am afraid I will not be able to do it with my creativity. What is my niche in the creative world? Photography? Scrap booking? Teaching? Painting? Fine Art? Gallery? Commission? Creating the materials for artist? Design? Web? I get so overwhelmed I stop. I don't know how to run a business. Do I start with learning business? Or do I create then figure out the business end? How will my family fit into this? Who will help me? Can I do it all? I talk to people all day about their dreams and shooting for the moon at least if you miss you will land in the stars. But am I shooting for the moon or not trying at all. Sometimes I feel like a fake. I don't even take a picture once a week. I can go months without being creative. This has to change and only I can change it. Art Heals is what my shirt says right now. I believe it and tend to put it to work.

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  1. Welcome to the world of blogging. :) I say we have a creative date once a week and explore a different mode of creativity each time. You can make it happen! I believe in you!